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To help everyone along on the Journey, here is a list of valuable web sites and tools I use to plan and education myself on all things frequent flyer 


Guide To United MileagePlus

Your guide to United Airlines lifetime elite status

The Complete Guide to Airline “Million Miler” Programs

The Bombay Method by Reg Potterton

Ambien and booze don't mix by Brian T. Coleman

787 Review : 1st Day of Flight at United by Brian T. Coleman

How United Turned the Friendly Skies Into a Flying Hellscape  from Wired Magazine, 2017

How airports get their codes by Allison Hope for Condé Nast Traveler


Find IATA Airport Codes (such as BAD, POO, OMG or LOL)

United Million Miler Program  

United Mileage Plus Benefits Comparison Chart  

Understanding United Fare Codes

United Mileage Plus Calculator

Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory

I could not have done this project without the help of these people!

Andrew Soderberg

Technical Guru

Matt Smith

Video Editor

Max Flight