This site and my adventure 
is dedicated to my father, 
Thomas J. Coleman

My father was a in the United States Air Force and sparked my passion of aviation.  While serving during the Korean conflict, he was the guest of the North Koreans for more time than he spent anywhere else in uniform.  His hands were scarred as a result of the torture he endured but yet he never spoke about his time in captivity.  He truly was part of the greatest generation.

Although he passed several years ago, I think of him every day.  I travel for him.

And this site is also dedicated to my mother, 
Deloris S. Coleman

My mom owned a travel agency when I was in High School and fueled my passion for travel.  She showed me there was a world outside of my protected home in New Jersey.

When I was in Kindergarten, I wrote her a poem on Mother's Day that was published in the local paper.  I t was short and simple.

I have the best mother in the whole wide world,
because I've never had another mother.